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As I am nearing the completion of the Saving Tuma (MG fantasy) sequel, I am looking to add some bloggers/reviewers to the team!

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In Search of MG Fiction Authors!

Ready for some #Booklove?

February brings an exciting month with 14 days of giveaways. We currently need a few more authors to participate.  All you have to do is giveaway ONE book during this time frame.  For 14 days, we will give away one book a day.  We want everyone to #Feelthelove!

It is great if you have a Twitter/FB presence, and/o<r a blog.  🙂

Send an email to: if you would like to participate!

♥Thanks for the love.♥

So many words…so little time

My favorite new (and completely made-up) term for 2017:  GOALSMASHING.  Fyi…if you see that term out in cyberland, I am claiming it. I made it up. It is mine.  I will allow you all to use it (because it is pretty awesome), but…well, you know. It’s mine.

If you follow me on Twitter  (@mollymcgee99), you are possibly well aware of my new phrase.  Uh, sorry about that.

I use it in all aspects of my life, not just writing.  I am training for some races.  GOALSMASHING.  I have things to accomplish in my personal life. GOALSMASHING.

Must. Write. Everyday

Must. Run. 4x a week.

Must. Travel. Often.


Free free to steal  (<———–bad word) , I mean, borrow the phrase. Hashtag your little hearts out. I want to see it. HMU on Twitter so I can see. 🙂

Goal: An observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed time frame

So, my hope for you’all is that you not just strive & reach your goals this year, but you achieve complete & total GOALSMASHING.




Another #KidLit Giveway

I just came across another awesome holiday #giveaway to share with y’all!

For details check out Rhonda’s blog here:

$500 Giveaway!

And may the odds forever be in your favor…

I am going to be MIA for the rest of the day as I travel the friendly skies.  Plenty of time for reading/writing in the evenings at the hotel, however.

Carry on.



Journey to Tuma: Coming Soon

With the first book of this series off in the hands of an editor, I’m getting pretty excited for it’s release!  (And I guess I better get a writin’ on book #2!)

Our goal date for publication is mid-December, and all indicators point to this as a realistic date. Cover is almost complete as well. The clock is ticking.

An overview of Journey to Tuma:

Being an eleven year old isn’t all fun and games anymore. There are lives to be saved.

Seeing a light shining through the woods on her family’s property, Wendy grabs her explorer’s backpack and takes off to see where it is coming from.  Once in the woods, Wendy trips and loses consciousness.  When she awakes, she finds herself in an unfamiliar place and face to face with Koda, a creature unlike anything Wendy has ever seen.  Though initially frightened, she develops a friendship with Koda and comes to love his world, known as Tuma. After learning that Koda and his people are in danger, Wendy enlists her friends help, and they set out to save the land of Tuma.

Many obstacles face the trio as they learn that Wendy’s father, and his development company, are the reason for Tuma’s environmental dilemma, thus leaving Wendy with some tough, grown up decisions to make.

Follow along for release specials along the way! Journey to Tuma will make a great gift for a young reader,  in the 8-12 year old range. If you know of a classroom that would be interested in a couple donated books, please contact me at

You may also be interested in checking our the Short Story Contest. <——Click Here.



Best Writing Websites for Children

These have been visited personally by yours truly and the following have made the cut for best websites for kids who love to write, or for parents who are looking for ways to encourage young authors!


Scribblitt  Love this eye-appealing & fun website

My StoryBook Create your own storybook online. For free!

Kids Games & Prompts:  Awesome resource of online games and other info

Fun English Writing Games Fun & Interactive Games for a variety of ages

Games for Young Kids  Great for the younger ages!


Check them out and let me know what you think.

If you have others to share~ leave them below and I’ll check it out!

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